Car Parts NFTs

There are 2 types of parts in REVENTON, mechanical (Racing) parts and weapons (Battle) parts. Both types of parts can be installed and removed at will into a car’s slots. Parts must be installed to have any effect on the car.

Installing a part in a car’s slot will add those points to the car’s own attributes. For example, installing an engine part will improve a car’s top speed and acceleration attributes while installing an Armour Plate will increase the cars Armour and Health attribute.

Upgrading costs resources such as RWP. Players can choose between two new modifications to the part when it levels up. These modifications serve as specializations towards one play style whilst foregoing another. The maximum level for all parts is capped at Level 5.

Parts are also differentiated into different Tiers based on their impact. Variations of the same part are available within the same Tier. Each variation has a slightly different point distribution or the attributes they impact.

It is important to fit your car with the highest valued parts since they add to a car’s POWER and in turn increase the car’s NFT market value. This improves both the car’s match performance and the returns it gets from staking as well as its sale price on the market.

Parts can be purchased from the marketplace and the REVENTON website.

All players start the game with basic parts that cannot be upgraded.

Type of Car Parts NFTs

Racing NFT parts

• Engine (increases top speed and acceleration)

• Transmission (increases acceleration and top speed)

• Suspension (increases handling and stability)

• Wheels (increases stability and stopping power)

• Brakes (increases stopping power and handling )

• Turbo (increases top speed)

Battle NFT Parts

• Shot gun

• Machine gun

• Rocket Launcher

• Mortar

• Mine

• Armour Plate

• Tar (stun)

• Smoke screen

Aesthetic Parts (These parts cannot be upgraded)

• Paint job

• Spoiler

• Rims

• Body kit

• Lights

• Hood

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