REVENTON is a cross between the immensely popular Need For Speed and Twisted Metal franchises. It features car races and car battles in a post-apocalyptic setting akin to Mad Max.

Built using blockchain technology, REVENTON is a play-to-earn (P2E) game featuring an unforgiving open world for players to explore and conquer. Cars, weapons and mechanical parts are all NFTs that can be bought, sold and upgraded using in-game resources.

REVENTON is built on four core gameplay pillars:

Match based PvP Races, battles, & tournaments.

Build & Craft upgrades, customize your car, and level up parts in your garage.

Collect & Trade NFT cars, car parts, and weapons. Trade/auction NFTs live on the marketplace.

Stake Cars & Tokens Earn passive income with APR based on the collective power of the NFT.

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