As the player community becomes familiar with REVENTON’s mechanics it will become apparent that some players win more frequently than others. And even though cars in the same tier have the same amount of base power, some car NFTs will become more valuable than the rest.

What choices are these players making that would give them such an edge over the rest? The secret to their success actually lies within the WORKSHOP.

While the GARAGE allows the player to manage their fleet, the WORKSHOP instead allows the player to focus on specific mechanical parts and weapons with finer detail.

At the WORKSHOP the player can level up car parts and tune their cars.

As parts and weapons level up their stats also improve. Once a part is installed into a car it lends its power to the car’s stats as well. This increases the overall power of a car making it more valuable to stake as an NFT earning the player much higher rewards.

Leveling up costs RWP. A part can only be leveled up once it has the necessary XP required to move to the next level.

Similar to the GARAGE, the WORKSHOP can also be leveled up. Upgrading the WORKSHOP allows the player to craft higher level upgrades. The maximum level for parts is currently capped at level 5.

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