Car NFTs

Series & Car NFTs

All modes in REVENTON (Races, Battles, and Tournaments) have matches in every series. All cars are bound to compete within their own series matches. They cannot enter higher or lower series matches. Higher series cost more but benefit from greater staking and PVP rewards.

In REVENTON, we have 3 series;

What do you get when you purchase a series ?

Buying a series grants you:

  • Access to PVP races, battles & tournaments within the purchased series

  • 1 Car NFT

There is a direct relation between a car’s POWER and its NFT market value. Staking cars with more parts results in higher returns. This makes the REVENTON series Car NFT the most valuable NFT in REVENTON.

Stat Points

Cars come with a fixed set of stat points. These points define the performance of the car and can be fine tuned at the garage.

Top speed


• Handling

• Braking

• Stability

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