PVP Races & Battles


PVP Races are quick matches where players compete to finish in the top three standings. With each victory, players will be rewarded with RAP & RWP based on the series they own and race within.


Thrown in to The Cradle, players will have to eliminate opponents to be the last man/team standing. The winners will earn RAP & RWP.

Results from both Battle and Race mode can be used to increase a player’s global ranking. Players can join any mode solo or as part of a team.

Ranked Matches require a GAS fee in both Battle and Race mode. Players receive rewards and resources at the end of a Ranked match. The rewards scale with the player’s performance, the better their performance the higher the rewards.

Players can also choose to play Unranked matches. These matches do not affect the player’s rank and do not require a GAS fee. Unranked matches reward only RWP to the participants. These reasons make unranked matches a great place to experiment with, and test new builds and counter strategies.

While unranked matches do reward the player with RWP, they do not reward the player with the necessary RAP and RWP required to cover the costs of an upgrade.

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